Java / J2EE Technologies

Java is broadly acknowledged standard to create cross platform, scalable, disseminated and solid venture class application. Code resources’s rich pedigree in Java product improvement has engaged us with experience in big business level Java application advancement with high security, execution and adaptability necessities. We adopted Java in 2003. Code resources currently employs over 40 developers and specialized staff. This is a refined social occasion of specialists with a specialized background, and with adequate business and relational abilities. All members of the development group hold Engineering degrees and/ or equal capabilities. Java and J2ee advancement administrations:
  • JSP, Servlet, Swings
  • J2EE – EJB,J2SE
  • J2ME Micro Edition
  • Java Mail& 2D
  • XML and XSLT parsers
  • Ajax, SOA, etc.
We offer beneath Java advancement administrations:
  • Java item improvement: We have amazingly robust abilities in, and doing improvements starting year 2003.
  • Outline and upgrades of Java 2 Enterprise Edition and Java 2 Micro Edition apps.
  • Transformation from different structure to Java 2 Enterprise Edition schema.
  • Quality assurance that join execution QA of Java 2 Enterprise Edition segments & overall app quality administrations.
  • j2ee application reconciliation with organization applications

Java Programming

Java is the most trusted technology to build complex application. In many versions such as J2EE J2ME and so on, Java has power to straighten robust applications that would return constant benefit for your association. It is adaptable and the applications constructed utilizing Java scale alongside your business.
  • J2EE Hibernate Web Programming Development spring Architecture Framework
  • Struts J2ee Web Development
CODE RESOURCES has a demonstrated skill in Java/J2EE, J2ME and web administrations, CODE RESOURCES has an amazingly solid Java/J2EE development group spreading over crosswise over various parts of the world. Pander to a portion of the first class customers, coming to CODE RESOURCES is similar to getting back for Java application improvement. Our expert team rapidly understands your need and exceeds the level of desires on your dream project. Our services comprise of the following:
  • Custom Java software & web development
  • Enterprise application development
  • Java product development
  • Java application maintenance
  • Software testing services
  • Application Integration
  • Application migration
  • Desktop Interface Portals
  • Mobile application development
  • Intranet and Extranet Development
  • Design, deployment, testing, implementation, etc. under a single roof
  • Experienced and talented resources
  • Quick development Tools and Frameworks
  • Quality solutions
  • Scalability, flexibility and robustness
  • Interactive development methodology
  • Affordable price

Why Java is lucrative?

Java development is a object oriented language that is particularly designed to have as few execution dependencies as possible.It takes after the mantra “write once, run anywhere”. Being one of the convenient and excellent languages, Java programming secures a dependable position over the globe. Java web development is currently one of the most popular programming languages used in developing secure, fast and engaging applications of every nature. Java development has been tested, refined, developed, and demonstrated by a dedicated community. Furthermore numbering more than 6.5 million developers, it’s the biggest and most dynamic on the planet. What makes Java unique is its capability to give you a chance to compose exceptional projects called applets that are effectively downloadable from the web and run securely over a web program. It's free and state-of-the-art as it has a place with a solid advancement group. Different Java skeletons, for example, spring schema construction modeling, Struts web improvement, sleep structure programming, and so on could be utilized for advanced, quick, and forefront J2ee web advancement.

Advantages of Java development

Java technology enables developers to take part in rapid application development. Being best solution development technology Java provides the following advantages:
  • Supports robust, adaptable, scalable and easy to maintain desktop and web applications
  • Enables building secure and lightweight web application utilizing various J2EE Frameworks, for example Struts, Spring, Hibernate etc
  • Easily integrates with innovations such as Ajax, DWR and Extjs etc. High bandwidth and Fast performance
  • Facilitates extensible modules development for the existing J2EE applications
  • Supports relocation and porting of different architectures
  • Supports relocation of your software solutions to Java/J2EE platform
  • Supports quick migration of application servers to Java/J2EE platform
  • Offers a plenty of ways for setting up a Java architecture suitable for your business
  • Enables J2ME based solution and application improvement
  • Facilitates performance tuning

Our Mantra

CODE RESOURCES acquires a team of Java specialists who are trained in Java-based technologies, For example struts offshore services, J2EE web development, Spring Java web development and developing hibernate applications. We utilize clear communication methodologies. We additionally help offshore Java web development and serve prestigious client base over the globe. Providing on time delivery and cost effective result is our mantra.